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Based on the heating & cooling products chain, Bingshan has very strong researching-processing-delivering capability to supply the key components for refrigeration field, such as castings, welding components and sheeting metal parts.
  • Heat exchanger

    Evaporator, condenser, components and parts for automotive air conditioning system

    Plate-fin heat exchanger

    Shell and tube heat exchanger

    Air cooled condenser

    Heat exchanger for cryogenic air separator

    Heat exchanger for refrigerators and air conditioners

  • Casting, metaling and welding piece

    Casting processing is available in ductile iron, gray iron of all types and sizes of hand formed and automatic forming. A variety of metal sheet punching, stamping, Stretching, bending, welding and forming processing is also provided, as well as a variety of refrigeration parts machining. Casting design capacity is 12000 ton per year. Casting has been certified by Underwriter Laboratories Inc. and Det Norske Veritas. Products are exported to the United States, Canada, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, Australia and other countries.

  • Air cooler

    Provide the air coolers with multiple coolant applications such as ammonia, Freon, CO2, Glycol and etc. to meet up the variable requirement on defrosting and installation mode.Experienced design team will provide customized design and manufacture based on ODM, OEM.

  • Pressure vessel

    Provide variable pressure vessels for refrigeration system, such as oil separator, oil collector, receiver, gas-liquid separator, air purge, medium cooler and etc. With rich experience in original equipment manufacturing,assist customers to design and develop new product .

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