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Provide the fluid cooling devices for metallurgical smelting equipment, integrating the refrigeration technology and waste heat recovery energy-saving technologies to meet the heating and cooling demand.

Textile & Chemical Fiber

Provide the whole sets of refrigeration equipment, heating & cooling technology and services for textile, chemical fiber textile and chemical fiber factory, integrating the refrigeration technology and waste heat recycling technology to meet the production demand for cooling and air-conditioning with heat and cold sources.

Fertilizer and Pesticides

Provide the cooling equipment of brine chiller, glycol chiller, methanol chiller and other medium chillers meeting with technique demand and complete set of refrigeration device.


Provide the whole sets of refrigeration equipment, and refrigeration technology and services for petroleum refining, petrochemical, natural gas, salt chemicals, coal chemicals, organic synthesis, polymer materials, fine chemicals and other chemical applications to meet the different processing requirement.

Water Conservancy & Mine

Provide the whole sets of refrigeration equipment and professional technical service for concrete cooling in the field of dam construction, mine tunnel surface soil freezing, and air cooling in the roadway mining area.

New Energy

Provide the complete sets of heating and cooling equipment and system integration utilizing the low-temperature hot water power, solar heating and cooling, waste recycling, renewable energy and other technologies

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