Bingshan refrigeration industry chain and major products

Bingshan Design rely on the state-level technology center, Research Institute, and 4 post-doctoral workstations, Bingshan Group strives to create light, efficient, safe and reliable new products for cold, hot, ecological, energy saving and environmental protection, and builds a complete refrigeration and air conditioning industry chain.

Products are divided into investment products and consumer products according to the market.

Divided into five sets by commodity group:

Industrial refrigeration equipment products,

Agricultural deep processing refrigeration equipment products,

Refrigeration complete equipment products in the field of food circulation,

Large, medium and small air-conditioning equipment products,

Petrochemical equipment products.

Specific products include:

Open, semi-closed screw and piston compressors;

Long-stroke, high-speed piston refrigeration compressor;

Single-stage two-stage cryogenic screw refrigeration compressor;

Adjustable internal volume ratio screw refrigeration compressor;

Large centrifugal water source heat pump unit;

Scroll refrigeration compressor;

Freezing and cold storage combined cold storage and modified atmosphere storage;

Evaporative condenser and auxiliary equipment for ammonia and fluorine refrigeration;

Lithium bromide refrigerator, fan coil and cooling tower for central air conditioning;

Refrigerated display cabinet;

Ice cold storage, quick freezing, ice making equipment;

Petrochemical equipment, high and low voltage electronic control, small household appliances, etc.

The types and specifications of products reach more than 5,000. At present, the company launches 40 to 50 key new products every year.

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