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    AIR COOLER Description:
    low profile air cooler for working & loading areas, hallways and small cool rooms;
    AIR COOLER has 2-way horizontal air flow units with bottom air intake;
    low air velocity units with low noise and low power consumption fans;
    2 speed fans (400V±10%,IP54) for even lower noise and power consumption, suitable for variable frequency drives;
    Coils of AIR COOLER are made of either Galvanised steel or Stainless/Aluminium(epoxy) for use with ammonia, freons and glycols;
    Fin spacing can be 10.0,12.0 & 15.0mm;
    available defrost types are: air, hot gas and electric;
    casing is made of white powder coated metal sheets with option for stainless steel;
    drain tray is made of white powder coated galvabond sheet with option for double insulated tray;
    capacity rage from 6kW up to 123kW at OT air on and -8°C evaporating temperature;
    AIR COOLER is suitable for room temperature from -45 C to +50°C

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  • DUC Series Industrial Air Cooler

    DUC Series Industrial Air Cooler

    Bingshan Air Cooler are mainly used field are supermarkets, meat processing plant, slaughterhouses, retail grocery store and cold storage, etc.
    DUC Series Industrial Air Cooler can control the storage temperature is very stable, made the high temperature, humidity and environmental requirements of food such as fruit, meat, cheese, etc., to get the best preservation or fish. Provides users with high efficiency and energy saving of the cooling system.

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  • Glycol Air Cooler

    Glycol Air Cooler

    Refrigeration Capacity 11.50~83.90KW (Cooling Capacity (low temperature Glycol air cooler)
    Refrigeration Capacity 5.79~51.20KW (Cooling Capacity (low temperature Glycol air cooler)
    Glycol air coolers are widely used in all kinds of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and other food industry processing plant, ante-room, and cold storage,etc.

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  • Insustrial Freon Air Cooler

    Insustrial Freon Air Cooler

    Capacity Scope
    Cooling Capacity 8kw~80kw
    Freon R22、R404、R507,etc.
    Widely used in refrigeration or a variety of high and low temperature cold storage, etc..

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