bingshan screw condensing unit

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    Screw Condensing Unit

    1.Note: ·Cooling water with large temperature difference when temperature of it is less than 20 ·The cooling water quality is not lower than GB50050 requirements in ‹industrial circulating cooling water treatment› ·When the using condition is different from the design charge or change the unit value, consulting the supplier and make a corresponding change 2.Applicant JLNLGF series screw water chiller adopts new series screw compressor unit, with high-efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchanger, having the advantages of high energy efficiency ratio, smooth and reliable operation and etc. Adopt automatic power control device and safety protection device, simple operation, safe and reliable running. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal, textile, medicine, seafood, commerce, food industry, scientific research, and the place needing artificial refrigeration.

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