lithium bromide absorption chiller design

  • LiBr Absorption Heat Pump

    LiBr Absorption Chiller Capacity Scope Heating Capacity: 837~66000kW LiBr Absorption Chiller Function and Application LiBr Absorption Chiller Mainly provide heat source for large & middle scale central air conditioning system and other places, widely applied in northern region central heating and thermoelectricity, oil fi eld, petrochemical, steel, chemical fi ber and textile, etc. Classifi cation 1.LiBr Absorption Heat Pump The absorption heat pump is an energy-saving & environmental friendly product which reclaims heat from waste heat in low temperature level in order to produce middle temperature heat source. 2.LiBr Absorption Heat Transformer The heat transformer uses waste heat or waste hot water as driven energy and produces hot water or fl ash steam.

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