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  • Flat Plate Tunnel Freezer For Fish Fillet

    IQF Tunnel Freezer features 1. Tunnel Freezer Equipped with high-efficiency and hygienic evaporator, adopting advanced liquid supply In this way, the heat exchange efficiency is more than 20% higher than the traditional form. 2. Adopt dual drive devices at both ends of the feed and discharge to effectively prevent the board Belt slip. 3. The Tunnel Freezer warehouse body adopts Sifang's unique fully imported warehouse board production line system The quality of the warehouse board is stable and reliable. 4. Configure intelligent central control system with automatic detection and Alarm light device, easy to operate and maintain.

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    Bingshan is a pioneer in the development of overseas markets for China's hot and cold business. After nearly 30 years of intensive cultivation, Bingberg’s hot and cold products, projects and solutions have served more than 70 countries and regions. In recent years, with the in-depth advancement of the One Belt One Road strategy, Bingshan Group has joined hands with strategic partners to actively participate in international capacity cooperation and strengthen the construction and development of cold and hot business in Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Central and South America. Services, in-depth expansion of the market space of the Belt and Road; and upgrade from a simple refrigeration equipment to a complete set of refrigeration projects, becoming an important participant in the construction of international cold chain logistics infrastructure.

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    Bingshan brothers warmly peer together, helping production to ensure delivery

    Bingshan Group was founded in 1930(Investment by Panasonic & Chinese Goverment), there are 43 enterprises, which include 1 public company, 9 subsidiary enterprises (domestically funded enterprises), and 32 Sino-foreign joint ventures. Bingshan Group has total assets of 9.5 billion RMB and 12000 contracted employees. It's China's largest manufacturing base of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, agricultural deep processing equipment base, and one of the main bases of China's petrochemical general machinery equipment.

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