Cold Storage Air Cooler (for Logistics)

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Cold Storage Air Cooler (for Logistics)
  • Bingshan
  • China
  • 60-90days
  • 3000 set/year

CC-CB series products
Capability :
Operating temperature :3~10℃,-10~3℃, -40~-10℃
Operating environment 25℃/60% or 27℃/70% Wind speed 0.2m / s or less
Used in supermarkets, shopping malls, low temperature logistics and other places of refrigeration, commercial refrigeration products, apply to the sale of the cold chain, warehousing, logistics chain store, display dairy products, daily goods, beverages, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, eggs and other refrigerated and frozen commodity

Cold Storage Air Cooler (for Logistics)

n Product Feature :

1. Rugged galvanized steel, full antibacterial spray shell, especially for large-scale food cold storage and distribution centers

2. Double drain pan structure, special drain grooves design,  to rapidly exclude defrost water

3. Electric control box installed in the front of the machine panel, easy wiring operations

4. Bottom and side panels can be opened in the design, easy to installation and maintenance

5. Specially developed suitable for large air cooler for large diameter internal thread copper pipe,  with high efficiency corrugated aluminum fin, evaporator has high heat transfer efficiency

6. Specially imported cooling medium splitter to ensure uniform distribution of multi-loop liquid, evaporator cooling reliable

7. Stainless steel evaporator end plate, strong corrosion resistance

8. Efficient import external rotor fan, air far distance, high cooling efficiency, safety and reliability, long life

9. Set overheating protection inside the fan’s motor, safe and reliable

10. Evaporator built-in specially electric heater, high defrosting efficiency, easy control

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