Commercial Freon Air Cooler

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Commercial Freon Air Cooler
  • Bingshan
  • China
  • 60-90days
  • 3000 set/year

Scope Refrigeration Capacity 7.32~125.69KW(t=0,t0=-8)
Widely used in food refrigeration, freezing, frozen, blast freezing, fresh, high and low-temperature storage library, air-conditioned rooms and other areas.

Commercial Freon Air Cooler

Freon Air Cooler

n Features

Excellent Design Performance

1. International advanced whole fin-shaped, piece of advanced, small wind resistance, many columns of monolithic and flexible combination

2. Own lip protruded locating fin spacing, fin spacing accurate, fins and tubes to increase the contact area

3. Import efficient axial fans, high energy efficient, low noise, large air volume, long range, low power, and with optional domestic fans

4. Professional software for heat transfer calculations, the cooling load is an exact match

High Efficiency

1. Galvanized steel shell with rust baking varnish and spray, corrosion-resistant, beautiful, clean, easy to disassemble


1. Coil is steel tube steel plate, aluminum tube aluminum plate, stainless steel tube aluminum plate

2. Water defrosting or other defrosting way

3. Optional refrigerant has R404A,R507A,R134a etc.

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