Direct Fired LiBr Absorption Chiller/Heater

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Direct Fired LiBr Absorption Chiller/Heater
  • Bingshan
  • China
  • 60-90days
  • 3000 set/year

Cooling Capacity 70~23256kW Heating Capacity 58~18605kW
Function and Application
Concentrated mainly medium-sized central air-conditioning and other places need to provide hot and cold water source, widely used in offi ce buildings, hotels, shopping centers, public buildings, as well as petrochemicals, steel, oil and other industrial and mining enterprises.

Direct Fired LiBr Absorption Chiller/Heater

Product Feature

Variety of Energy Use:

1. Use of clean energy

such as natural gas, LPG, city gas, coal bed methane, shale gas and other unconventional natural gas, biogas and other biomass gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, converter gas, and other special low calorifi c value gas, and light oil, heavy oil and other fuels, etc.

2. High Effi ciency and Energy Saving:

*Adopt new high effi ciency heat exchange tube to strengthen heat transfer and improve heat exchange effi ciency

*Adopt new patent refrigerant condensing heat recovery device, improve heat exchange effi ciency

*Using new tpye high effi ciency heat exchanger, thermal effi ciency of the units is highly improved

*High temperature generator cooling state generation technology, temperature low, improve heat exchange effi ciency

*Vacuum heat insulation layer in upper shell, reduces internal heat loss

*Internal refrigerant self-adjusting cooling storage device, achieve energy-saving operation

*Adopt new frequency conversion control system, improving partial load characteristics, to achieve high effi cient and energy-saving operation

3. Safe and Reliable:

*Multiple crystallization prevention safety control, which make solution circulation far from crystallization zone and chiller work safely

*Adopting comprehensive anti-corrosion safe design to make chiller work safely and reliable

*Using a large set of high-temperature regenerator steam separator design to eliminate refrigerant contamination

*Micro-computer automatically adjusts fuel consumption and solution fl ow rate by monitoring cooling water temperature, which keep cooling water work at 15~34℃

*New bow wave spray Ag-Pd automatic purge device and fi ve vacuum keeping design to keep vacuum degree.

*Unique design and process of high temperature generator, reduce exhaust gas temperature to achieve safe and reliable operating

*New speed type PID control, accuracy much higher, can be quick responsive to sudden load change.

*Self-diagnosis expert function installed

4. Automation and Networking:

Micro-computer control system, highly networked building automation system and convenient accessory equipment control system make you easily realizing intelligent, networked, energy-saving control of your air conditioning system.

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