Reciprocating Compessor Unit

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Reciprocating Compessor Unit
  • Bingshan
  • China
  • 60-90days
  • 3000 set/year

Refrigeration capacity: 26.7~512kW (standard condition -15℃/30℃)
Widely used in various fields need to achieve artificial refrigeration, such as petroleum, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, cryogenic laboratory of national defense and scientific research, food low temp processing, storage and transportation, and low temperature test, low temperature processing of food storage and transportation, air conditioning in factories, hospitals and other large public places building.


Adopt Y series of high efficiency energy-saving motors, protection class IP23

Unit is with high speed, small size and interchangeable parts

Compressor shaft seal and gasket are import brand.

provided energy adjustment device to realize unit start without load

Equipped with three-way oil drainage valve. Oil can be charged during normal operation

Safe and reliable operation


Product Series

Series 100 Reciprocating Compressor Unit

Series 125 Reciprocating Compressor Unit

Series 170 Reciprocating Compressor Unit

Reciprocating Compessor Unit

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