blast freezer for meat

  • Blast Freezer For Meat

    ADVANCED FEATURES Blast Freezer designed to freeze a wide range of products with batch loading in trays, cartons or frames. Stainless steel and food grade materials. The frame of blast freezer is made from heavy duty hot dip galvanized steel for stability of the machine. The heat exchange plates are non-welded aluminum alloy for a sturdy structure, stability and fast freezing. The fast low temperature freezing maintains the natural quality of the products. A small foot print machine Polyurethane Panel insulation, stainless steel sheet cladding. Various refrigerants can be used with Contact Freezer and water or hot gas defrost are applicable. Blast freezer has wo separate accesses for easy loading, unloading, maintenanceandcleaning. Fully factory testing and compact packaging provides easy transportation, plug and play at site.

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