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Semi-hermetic Reciprocating Condensing Unit

  • R22

Medium- Temperature Semi-hermetic Reciprocating Condensing Unit 3.5kw~15.26kw Low Temperature Semi-hermetic Reciprocating Condensing Unit 1.83kw~8.22kw


Widely applied in small-type cold storage without out-sourcing condenser

  • Features

Separable Condenser
* Condenser can be separated and installed outdoors or on the roof to minimize the machine room size. But additional cooling fans are required at the same time.

Good Adaptability to Voltage
* Low voltage protecting circuit and special electro-magnetic switch can protect compressor and control parts efficiently even the voltage is too low.


Computerized Defrost Timer
* Digital display can be set arbitrary simply with high precision, monthly difference can be ±15s. Possess function of forced defrosting and wrong operation prevention etc. Memory can be kept by built-in lithium battery when power off.

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