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Parallel Semi-hermetic Reciprocating Central Units

  • R22
  • R404A

Middle-Temperature Central Unit In Parallel(60HP~120HP) 118.11kw~256.22kw Low- Temperature Central Unit In Parallel (60HP~120HP) 42.80kw~88.57kw Low- Temperature Super-Cooling Central Unit In Parallel (60HP~125HP) 55.64kw~104.86kw


Multi-compressor parallel unit is widely applied in supermarket, logistic center etc. medium and low temp cold storage

  • Features

Large Capacity Range. Long Running Life
* Adopt reasonable energy-saving stage 4~6 and similar power compressor to keep good energy-saving effect and 15years design running life.

 Reliable Oil Level Control
* Large capacity oil tank and purely mechanical oil level float valve control system ensure compressor head oil return effectively and reliability.

Complete Security Design
* Adopt double loop circuit to ensure system avoid from losing. Any components failure will not affect another loop normal work.
* To ensure partial failure does not affect the unit running, the unit is added maintenance valve on the refrigerant loop. Add partial RCCB on the circuit to ensure 1/2~2/3 capacity as the failure is happened.

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