Tunnel Freezer(IQF)


Mesh-belt tunnel freezer Freezing capacity 150kg/h~3000kg/h, Width of belt 1000mm~5000mm ,Plate-belt tunnel freezer Freezing capacity 250kg/h~1700kg/h, Width of belt 1200mm~1500mm.


Tunnel freezer(IQF) is widely used for individual quick freezing of fermenting and cooling bread,freezing seafood, pastry, meat, poultry, vegetables fruit etc.

  • Features

Unique High Strength Integrated Floor

* Stable, durable and smooth surface. The floor is slope and its corner is low angle, which is easy to clean and no dusty corner.

* Drainage channel setting make water draining smooth and thoroughly


Evaporator With Epoxy Fin

* Avoiding food contamination from aluminum oxide power


Unique Patented Airflow System
Even air distribution, high efficiency cooling capability and low weight loss


High Efficiency Freezing
Optional: High efficiency tunnel freezer with freezing time of that of normal freezer

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