Bi-Flow Type Air Coolers

  • DBU-G
  • DBU-S

6kW ~123kW,0℃~ -8℃ evaporating temperature; capacity rage from suitable for room temperature from -45℃ to +50℃;


low profile air cooler for working & loading areas, hallways and small cool rooms.

  • Features

* 2-way horizontal air flow units with bottom air intake;

* low air velocity units with low noise and low power consumption fans;

* 2 speed fans (400V±10%,IP54) for even lower noise and power consumption, suitable for variable frequency drives;

* Coils are made of either Galvanised steel or Stainless/Aluminium(epoxy) for use with ammonia, freons and glycols;

* Fin spacing can be 10.0, 12.0 & 15.0mm;

* available defrost types are: air, hot gas and electric;

* casing is made of white powder coated metal sheets with option for stainless steel;

* drain tray is made of white powder coated galvabond sheet with option for double insulated tray;

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