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Polyurethane Sandwich Panel


Width 1110mm、900mm


It’s widely used as special material for walls and ceilings in food frozen, refrigeration, AC cold store and large prefab cold storage, logistics centers and other industrial and civil construction

  • Features
Automatic roll forming
* Adopting full set of imported equipment to ensure the accuracy size, foam density, hardness and even density.
* Panel length, width and thickness are adjustable

Superior physical and chemical properties

* Core material adopts multi-densities PU foam series, effectively prevent cavities and pinhole-ray tube from fissures.
* Core material has low thermal conductivity (0.22W / m • K) and excellent thermal insulation effect
* Adopt color sheet with multi-layer coating. The sheet color is optional. The sheet material is optional from galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet and stainless steel sheet etc.

Good flame retardancy

* Enclosure sheet and core material adopt non-combustible or flame retardant materials, fully able to meet the requirements
of  (GB8624-2012)

Easy installation, long running life

* Flexible and convenient installation
* Under direct sunlight, the coating guarantee period is 10-15 years, the special coating guarantee period is 30-40 year. Extra anti-corrosion material treatment should be done every 10 years after above guarantee period. Enclosure sheet running life is up to over 35years.

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