Spiral Freezer(IQF)


Single spiral freezer Freezing capacity 300kg/h~4000kg/h, Width of belt 400mm~1067mm ,Double spiral freezer Freezing capacity 500kg/h~3500kg/h , Width of belt 400mm~1067mm.


Spiral freezer(IQF) is widely used for individual quick freezing and cooling aquatic food, freezing seafood, pastry, meat, poultry, dairy, ice cream and etc.

  • Features
Clean interior Processing Space
Adopt world patent out-driving device avoiding to oil pollution
Evaporator with epoxy fin avoiding to aluminum oxide power
Adopt integrated water tray, draining water to integral floor. No dust corner left inside.
No Motor & Bearings inside, having no oil pollution

Auto cleaning system: High efficiency

Freezing quickly, with lower moisture-lost
Patented airflow system high cooling efficiency
Different fin space in evaporator to enhance heat exchange efficiency

Totally enclosed Air-Duct System to reduce installed power and saving great running cost

Saving Running Cost
Lower installed power under the same freezing capacity

Adopt patented airflow system and totally enclosed air duct, reduce the freezing time

Save half of defrost water due to Epoxy fin

Reliable & Stable Running
Adopt advanced structural design to ensure stable running
Adopt world-class spare parts and electrical components
Strict manufacturing process and installation technology, ensure products manufactured pass rate of 100%

Multiple abnormal alarm system, eliminate hidden dangers in equipment

Easy operation and Stability in Controlling system
Adopt PLC programmable logic controller, Chinese/English display, with the communication port, connect refrigeration system to realize automatic running.
Adopt PLC programmable controller to fully automatic precision control system, Touch-screen control panel makes operation more convenient, fast and comfortable. It can also set up three kinds of frozen goods freeze program. Choose the corresponding commodity it tidally entered into a particular operation mode, this is easy to change the frozen product
Belt speed will be controlled by invert when the equipment running, so that the quick freezer is suit for various products.
When cleaning the equipment, blow air after defrosting water cleaning, whole-process monitor, ensure the belt clean
When the system abnormal, the screen will show the problem, the customer could exclude problem according to the specification and recover to the normal operation

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