Contact Freezer(IQF)


Contact freezer: Freezing capacity 300kg/h~3000kg/h Width of plate 1200mm~2000mm, Semi-ABF: Freezing capacity 300kg/h~2000kg/h Width of plate 1200mm~2000mm.


Contact freezer(IQF) is widely applied in aquatic foods, meat processing etc. foods quick freezing industry, fish catching boat and fishery processing industry etc.

  • Features

* Evaporator plate adopt 6063 Aluminium magnesium alloy with features of lighter weight, highly polished surface, higher strength, better thermal conductivity and stronger corrosion resistance.

* The panel thickness is 150mm. And the surface is smoothly and not easy to deformation. No cold-bridge, no leak and no dewing.


* Inlet and return liquid pipe adopt seamless stainless steel horse. And the flange connection adopt active 6063 aluminum alloy to easy maintenance and no leak.


* The doorknob and hinge etc. accessories adopt SUS304 stainless steel. Which are attractive, durable and better corrosion resistance. Adopt folding door for more flexibility, better airtightness, frozen, and less cool leakage. The folding doors are set on both sides to easy loading and unloading.


* The cylinder is grinding and the surface of the piston rod has special treatment to ensure long-term life and no leak. The fuel tank is spraying plastics to ensure it is uneasy to corrode. Adopt trustworthy control element to ensure the high reliability and less fault.

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