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BS Series Ice Water Modular Unit


Refrigeration Capacity 100~3600KW


Widely used in beer, beverages, dairy products and other light industry, the slaughter industry, chemical industry and architecture field. The unit could provide +1~+2℃ ice water and each temp process water.

  • Features


* Freedom modular assembly, industrialized production.

* Modular design, compact structure, attractive appearance and less occupied area.

* Simple installation and easy operation and maintenance.

* Menu design, the unit size could be customized by the clients.

* Stable operation, safe and reliable.

* The cooled medium can be water, alcohol, ethylene glycol, water and beer or other liquid.

High efficient, Energy-saving, Environmental protection

* The heat transfer efficiency is high. The unit could provide ice water or process water with +1~+2℃ temp higher than the refrigerant.

* Large temperature difference heat transfer is available and the temperature difference can reach 35℃.

* High precision control, and accuracy of ice water is up to ±0.5℃. The unit could control in/outlet temp close to ice point.

* Realize automatic control, environmental protection, energy saving, saving investment and operating costs.

* Adopting ammonia refrigerant, environmental protection.

* Meet the requirements of the food industry HACCP approach.

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