Freeze dryer


standard capacity 2 to 2000kg/batch/chamber


The freeze-drying is short for freeze dryer which is the most advanced food drying technology, and widely used in vegetable, fruit, meat, marine products, dairy products, soup and health care products and some other processing products.

  • Features
Process Optimization
* Optimize the technical process according to the material quality and the requirements of customers.
* Provide operation management technical support for freeze-drying plant, like the quality assurance system, inspection method, health standard and so on.
* Ensure to keep nutrient in maximum, Keep original shape and color, shelf life is long , convenient to carry and eat.

Product diversity, system high efficiency
* Solid freeze-drying engineering, achieves the multiple function of freeze-drying process for seasonality and diversity of products. Which enjoy the high production efficiency, time saving and energy consumption reduction.
* Fluid freeze-drying engineering effectively addresses the matters of uniformity of fluid material transportation and loading, avoid second pollution and cross contamination, and can achieve the CIP cleaning for the complete system.
* Functional products freeze-drying engineering could protect the active components in the material or avoid the aggregation of material particles.

Scientific And Reasonable Composition
* The system consist of freeze-drying machine, vacuum system, heating system, refrigeration system, defrost system, transport system, pneumatic system and electric control system.
* Stainless steel drying bin shell is used which is hygiene and durable. Aluminum alloy heating plate and cold trap is anodizing on the surface Double chamber door , and pneumatic translating chamber door is set at the feed end
* Rear-mounted cold trap is hygiene and easy to maintain.
* Possess patented heat flow arrangement with characters of even temperature, precise temperature controlling and high efficiency heating.
Innovative Aluminum plate evaporator has character of high efficient heat exchange. And the double cold trap capture water systems conform to the process state.
* The ground track or mounting track can be selected to transport the material, the newly style ground track with the character of flexibility, safety and convenient is recommended.
* The ammonia(R717) OR Freon(R22 、R404A or R507) are optional as the refrigerant for the refrigerating system.
* Provide the cleaning in position and automatic handling pallets device for the drying bin.
* Meet requirement of GMP
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