Bingshan Main Products

Bingshan products include:

Screw compressor unit, Semi-hermetic Screw compressor unit and Reciprocating Compressor Unit.
Long-stroke, high-speed Reciprocating Refrigeration Compressor Unit;
Dual-stage cryogenic screw compressor unit;
Variable inner volume ratio screw refrigeration compressor unit;
Large centrifugal water source heat pump unit;
Scroll refrigeration compressor unit;
Pre-fabricated Insulation Cold Storage and CA Cold Storage
Evaporative condenser and auxiliary equipment for ammonia and fluorine refrigerant
LiBr Absorption Chiller, fan coil and cooling tower for central air conditioning;
Freezer or chiller showcase;
Ice bank, quick freezing, ice making equipment;
Petrochemical equipment, high and low voltage electronic control system, small household appliances, etc.

The types and specifications of products reach more than 5,000.

At present, the company continues to strengthen independent innovation and the introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, and launches 40 to 50 key new products every year.


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