Ice Making Unit

  • Tube Ice Making Plant

    Tube Ice Making Plant

    Tube Ice Machine Application Fields
    · Edible ice factory
    · Port ice plant
    · Coffee shop, bar and hotel etc
    · Supermarket, convenience shop and restaurant etc Aquatic products and food fresh preservation Logistic fresh preservation
    · Chemical and concrete projects

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  • Flake Ice Making Plant

    Flake Ice Making Plant

    1. Design of low energy consumption
    2. High-quality flake ice
    3. Low-fault protection device
    4. No water dripping design
    5. Inner scraping way
    6. Full-automatic microcomputer control
    7. Modular design
    8. Personalized design
    9. After-sales service

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  • Hot
    Block Ice Making Plant

    Block Ice Making Plant

    Our works manages the ice making plants with 10 kinds of capacity to be selected, 3/ 5/10/15/20/30/70/140/210/280 tons/day. the Ice Making Machines are available in production for ice of two forms, i.e.transparent ice and white ice, which can be divided into three specifications, 25kg, 50kg, and 135kg.
    The complete plants for ice making to be supplied by our works including ammonia refrigerating compressor, accessories and components to be matched to the rarge of plants, equiqmentsto be mounted in ice making shop, and lifting equipments, but except covering floors over ice making tands, insulating materials for plants.

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