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    Onion Cold Storage

    Onion Cold Storage

    Onion Cold Storage:
    -Capacity description:
    The total storage capacity reaches 20000 tons.

    -Mainly provide equipment
    Bingshan screw compressor, fan, air duct, evaporative cooling, low circulation barrel, high temperature cold storage.

    -In 2020, this customer will continue to expand 6 cold storage rooms for the third time. The total amount of the project is more than 4 million dollars.

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  • Refrigeration Engineering Solution For Heating Ventilation Central Air Conditioning

    Refrigeration Engineering Solution For Heating Ventilation Central Air Conditioning

    Dalian Bingshan Engineering & Trading Co., Ltd. (Hereafter referred to as BSET) is jointly funded profes- sional trading company by Dalian Bingshan Group Co., Ltd and Dalian Refrigeration Co., Ltd. in 1988. Concentrating on consulting, design, sales, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the refrigera- tion equipment, oriented toward machining the requirement of clients, supported from Dalian Bingshan Group Co., Ltd. the largest industrial refrigeration products manufacturing base of China, combining refrigeration technology, engineering and trading, BSET provides quality products to different application fields including fruit and vegetable, meat and poultry, seafood, beverage etc processing and freezing & refrigerating field etc. BSET has undertaken hundreds of turnkey projects in Asia, Africa, America etc. more than 60 countries and regions, as well as offer customized energy optimization and sustainable cold chain solutions.

    Our competent professionals focus on providing clients one-stop solution, as well as the concerns on
    service of environmental protection and clients’ benefits.

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  • Food Quick Freezing Solution

    Food Quick Freezing Solution

    Our company could provide World Largest Outside-Driving Spiral Freezer / Tunnel Freezer / Contact Freezer for Fish fillet with vacuum packing、Pastry、Fried food、Poultry product、Seafood、Meat.
    Capacity: 300kg/h~4000kg/h

    Our design and manufacture adopt Japan industry standard. Since foundation in 2003. our products have been sold to Argentina, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vieinam, Belgium, Africa, Europe and etc.

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  • Slaughtering Plant Refrigeration Solution

    Slaughtering Plant Refrigeration Solution

    According to the process requirements, carcasses and edible by-products need to be pre-cooled after slaughter, they should be pre-cooled immediately.
    After cooling, the center temperature of livestock meat should be kept below 7 ℃, the center temperature of poultry meat should be kept below 4 ℃, and the center temperature of visceral products should be kept below 3 ℃.
    Processing, segmentation, bone removal and other operations should be as fast as possible. When producing frozen products, the center temperature of the meat should be below -15 ℃ within 48h before entering the cold storage.
    #SlaughterProcess #ChickenSlaughterLine

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  • Marine Refrigeration Solution

    Marine Refrigeration Solution

    Supply complete refrigeration facility on the Marine vessel which can freeze the seafood
    · Sea water cooling system, low temp. brine water supplying system and refrigeration system for fishing vessel
    · Ultra low temp. Refrigeration system for Tuna processing on Vessel
    · Low temp. Refrigeration system for shrimp on Vessle
    · Food Cold Storage & Conditioning System on Vessel

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  • Chicken Slaughtering Processing Line

    Chicken Slaughtering Processing Line

    Red Water Chiller is mainly used for red water circulation cooling of carcasses produced by poultry slaughtering line (2000-13500birds/h). By adopting ejecting liquid supply technology, structure design of falling film shell and tube heat exchanger, careful selection of control elements and rigorous setting of control program, Red Water Chiller can provide stable and reliable ice water at about 0.3~1℃.
    In guarantee the chicken water reasonable, pre-cooling time fully, poultry ketone body can be cooled to below 4 ℃; At the same time, the low water temperature effectively inhibited the microbial reproduction.The quality of chilled products is good, the quick freezing heat load is greatly reduced.

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  • Ultra-Low Refrigeration Processing Solution

    Ultra-Low Refrigeration Processing Solution

    A broad range of ultra-low-temperature refrigeration equipment perfectly meets the demands of the tuna industry for developmengt and technical promotion. An ultra-low-temperature cold chain integrating the primary processing, low-temperature cooling. Harmonizing process freezing, logistics. Deep processing, storage and marketing will be established to provide high-quality products to consumers.

    Dalian Bingshan Ryosetsu Quick Freezing Equipment Co., Which Ltd. is a joint venture of Dalian Refrigeration Co.. Ltd. and Japan Ryosetsu Industrial Co. Ltd, mainly produces quick freezer with top advanced technology & superior quality. The company got the certificate of IS09001 (2000) on Feb, 2006.

    Japan Ryosetsu Industry Co.,Ltd is a quick freezing equipment manufacturer, founded in I960, owns a number of world-leading patented technology.

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  • Petrochemical Cooling Solution For Food Refrigeration

    Petrochemical Cooling Solution For Food Refrigeration

    Food Refrigeration
    Industrial Refrigeration
    Heating Ventilation Central Air Conditioning
    OEM & PART
    Trading & Service

    Numerous peak achievements and unceasing realization of breakthrough has brought Bingshan a thorough comprehen- sion on exploring the heating and cooling transformation career, and more wisdom to promote stable operation of the five main fields. We firmly believe that innovation is endless and we can achieve Bingshan dream.

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  • Beer/Dairy/Beverage Cooling Solution

    Beer/Dairy/Beverage Cooling Solution

    Provide customers with a complete set of shrimp and fish processing production lines for grading, distillation, cooling, quick freezing, ice wrapping and refreezing.
    Provide complete set of cold storage design, manufacture, installation and commissioning for meat, poultry, prepared food,
    dairy, aquatic food, seeds, fruit & vegetable etc during the processing, slaughter, fishing, and fast freezing.
    Provide prefabricated cold storage with preserved capacity from 10 cubic meters walk-in type to 320000 cubic meters per
    chamber and 200 thousand MT multi-layers. Our wide scale compressor series (such as single unit dual-stage screw
    compressor unit, dual-screw and dual-stage screw compressor unit, piston compressor unit, inverter semi-hermetic screw
    compressor unit etc.) could meet high-end facilities need of various type of cold storage from -65 ℃ to +10℃.
    Adopt steel, stainless steel, aluminum or cooper etc. material based on actual application. Adopt advanced axial fan from
    Germany to enhance heat transfer efficiency to 10~20%. Single-side super-head fan could blow 110ms, which could
    improve fan quantity and save relative investment.
    Provide spiral freezer, plate freezer, tunnel freezer to meet wide range need in fast frozen field.

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