Red Water Chiller

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    Red Water Chiller with Ammonia System

    Red Water Chiller with Ammonia System

    Red Water Chiller Introduction
    Red Water Chiller is mainly used for red water circulation cooling of carcasses produced by poultry slaughtering line or chicken slaughterhouse (2000-13500birds/h). By adopting ejecting liquid supply technology, structure design of falling film shell and tube heat exchanger, careful selection of control elements and rigorous setting of control program, Red Water Chiller can provide stable and reliable ice water at about 0.3~1℃.
    In guarantee the chicken water reasonable, pre-cooling time fully, poultry ketone body can be cooled to below 4 ℃; At the same time, the low water temperature effectively inhibited the microbial reproduction.The quality of chilled products is good, the quick freezing heat load is greatly reduced.

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