cold storage air cooler


    FREON AIR COOLER Description: · K-type is heavy Duty Copper/Aluminium(epoxy) evaporator for use with freon or brine; These units are designed for storage and processing of meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, dairy and other product. · Induced draught units with 2 speed fans (400V±10%JP54) for greater control of ambient and lower noise and lower power consumption. · Epoxy coated aluminium fins with spacing of 5.8mm (as per Tables) and 4.5mm. · Air Cooler Units are suitable for refrigerant temperature range of +10 to -38°C. · Defrost can be Air or Electric on all models. · Casing is made of white powder coated metal sheets with option for stainless steel; Units are mounted to ceiling with horizontal air flow.

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