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  • Blast Freezer For Meat

    ADVANCED FEATURES Blast Freezer designed to freeze a wide range of products with batch loading in trays, cartons or frames. Stainless steel and food grade materials. The frame of blast freezer is made from heavy duty hot dip galvanized steel for stability of the machine. The heat exchange plates are non-welded aluminum alloy for a sturdy structure, stability and fast freezing. The fast low temperature freezing maintains the natural quality of the products. A small foot print machine Polyurethane Panel insulation, stainless steel sheet cladding. Various refrigerants can be used with Contact Freezer and water or hot gas defrost are applicable. Blast freezer has wo separate accesses for easy loading, unloading, maintenanceandcleaning. Fully factory testing and compact packaging provides easy transportation, plug and play at site.

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  • Seafood Processing Plant

    40 ton quick freezer room 1500 ton cold storage Compressor up to 8 JJZ2LG16 screw units

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  • 0308-2020

    Bingshan Air-Conditioning to build the heating project of Wafangdian Shengshi Primary School

    Shengshi Primary School is located in Shiranfang Village, Tucheng Township, Wafangdian City. The original heating facilities are ordinary wall-mounted electric heaters. For a long time, due to the poor thermal insulation performance of the building walls, the school’s winter indoor heating temperature has been below 18℃, and only 12~13℃ in cold weather, which has brought great inconvenience to the work, study and life of teachers and students. And there is a great potential safety hazard in electricity use. After understanding the relevant situation, Bingshan Air Conditioning, after communicating and coordinating with the two-level municipal education authorities and school leaders, decided to assist in the reconstruction of the winter heating facilities of Shengshi Primary School to completely improve the indoor heating effect. After the improvement, it is estimated that the design temperature of indoor heating in winter can reach 20-22℃, which will create a good environment for teachers and students of the school to survive the winter warmly and safely. The assistance program has been highly recognized by the education department and the school.

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